Person Details

Leroy M. Ball

Leroy M. Ball, President and Chief Executive Officer, Koppers Holdings Inc.

Mr. Ball is President and Chief Executive Officer of Koppers Holdings Inc., a leading integrated global provider of treated wood products, wood treatment chemicals and carbon compounds. Mr. Ball previously served as Koppers’ Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Since becoming CEO in January 2015, Mr. Ball led Koppers’ transformation into a company prioritizing customer-focused solutions that enhance and preserve wood while de-emphasizing its focus on commodity products serving the aluminum industry. During that time, he has overseen several acquisitions and divestitures to strategically re-shape the company’s portfolio and increase shareholder value. Prior to joining Koppers, Mr. Ball was Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Calgon Carbon, Inc., a provider of services, products and solutions for purifying water and air.

Mr. Ball is Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee and is a member of both the Personnel & Compensation Committee and the Technology Committee.